Jeg omdanner råstål til kreative konstruktionsløsninger og ergonomisk designede produkter til dine behov

About Steelingreen

Tomorrow’s manufacturing workshop.

Where Industry 4.0 meets Build 4.0.

The worshop : BETAFACTORY -> http://betafactory.dk/

“ betaFACTORY is tomorrow’s manufacturing workshop where Industry 4.0 meets Build 4.0 in a makerspace 3.14. (it’s pi, get it?)

It is a meeting place for SMV’s, entrepreneurs, educational institutions, hobbyist and you.

Our aim is to help you push the boundaries of urban local manufacturing in a global world. ”

Where do I come from?

My name is François Réaubourg, I was born in Paris in 1971.

After 15 years (+) working as project manager in water resource protection and solar power energy, I decided to switch to a manual work, which always attracted me.

All my life I was fascinated by craftsmen who are able to transform the raw material into useful and beautiful objects with their own hands.

I started metal craft work in 2013 and was trained to the veritable craftsmanship at the historical French school "Les Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France”* in 2015.

My concept:

Steelingreen is the result of two passions: botanic and steel.

I develop an outdoor activity which mix garden landscaping and iron structures. It’s a sort of chromatic marriage between green chlorophyll and the red oxidized iron atom.

I can suggest you a new garden, with adapted plants and steel objects, useful and structuring your outdoor living space: pergola, pots, bench, carport, gates, border, ramp, composter...in Corten or painted steel. I will manage the gardening work also! The blacksmith and the gardener for the same price (almost :-).

Furthermore, I design and manufacture custom-made objects, furnitures for indoor, especially of industrial type with raw steel: bar, stairs, table, stool, ramp, balcony, gate, doors, library, desk, rolling table, rolling door, frame, industrial windows...We can also there mix the wood and the steel...Steelinwood ?

I produce sketches, CAD drawings targeted only to project your idea on a plan. I will be delighted to participate in the idea phase. We can think of optimizing production in the development phase, which results in a cheaper and more economical process.

I can work as a subcontractor and partner for manufacturing, construction and business.

See you.

*"The Companions of Duty..."  :  The Compagnons du Tour de France is a French organization of craftsmen and artisans dating from the Middle Ages. Their traditional, technical education includes taking a tour, the Tour de France, around France and doing apprenticeships with masters. It dates to medieval times, when the Compagnons built the churches and chateaus of rance and were persecuted by kings and the Catholic Church because they refused to live under the rules of either.

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